Your Teen Behind the Wheel

Teenagers are dangerous enough when they’re on solid ground. Imagine what kind of havoc they can wreak at 45 mph! To calm your (and their) nerves, follow these tips on how to prepare your teen for his summer driving. The freedom of the open road is exciting, but sometimes it can lead to reckless driving, especially among teens. Vehicle accidents are unfortunately the number one cause of death among teenagers. With

Get Summer Road Ready

Are you ready for the Summer? Let the ASE Certified Techs at Car-X Tire & Auto make sure your vehicle is safe & road ready!       Get vacation ready w/ the following tips: Battery- Have your battery checked along with the charging system. Most people feel that the cold is tough on a vehicle’s battery, but it is heat that truly wears a battery out!   Tires- Have your tires che

When to Replace Car Batteries

Most drivers have had to jumpstart their vehicles at one point or another. Because car batteries are rechargeable, they very rarely go completely dead. If a motorist mistakenly leaves his headlights on, the battery will drain down and it may not have enough juice left in it to actually start the car. There is a surprisingly simple explanation for this.   You see, most modern vehicles have chargers (alternators)

5 Tips for Safe Travel

Traveling with confidence is mostly a matter of preparation.   1. Know where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. Plan your trip out before you head out of the driveway. You can take your time, make all the stops you want, and see the sights along the way; but you don’t have to get lost to do that. Take the stress out of navigation by looking over the route before you go.   2.

Synthetic Oil or Conventional Oil?

No doubt at some point in time you may have heard the ongoing debate about which type of motor oil is best for your motor vehicle. The particular motor oils in question are conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil. As an owner, or potential owner of a motor vehicle, naturally the topic will interest you. This is because you may have good reason to rethink your current choice in the case of current users, while

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