Windshield Wiper Maintenance Tips


Being able to drive safely depends upon many factors, including being able to see clearly.  Now that it is back to school time it’s even more critical to be able to see any impending obstructions or hazards.   Fall brings school buses, more cars, children playing, and of course the ever changing weather.

Properly working and maintained windshield wipers are critical to being able to see clearly.

Windshield wipers should be checked every six months or sooner depending upon use and weather conditions.  A good time to replace them is when you change your clocks for day-light saving time; this is also normally the start of bad weather.

You should clean your wipers when you clean your windshield during gas fill ups.  Keeping your windshield clean will make your wipers last longer, and also reduce smearing and streaking.  Wipers can be cleaned with a sponge or soft cloth using washer solvent you are using at the gas station.

When winter comes, so does ice and snow, which both should be scraped from your windshield with an ice scraper not the wipers.  Then warm up the windshield using the defroster which will make the wipers job much easier.


Happy Motoring from Mark the Car-X Car Doctor!

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